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Losch - Customized products

Extraordinary projects
require customized solutions.

Customized products

Tamedia publishers, Zurich

Extraordinary projects require customized solutions. Developments are usually successful in close cooperation with clients and architects. In this case, the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban had a remarkable idea for an extraordinary glass facade. The building which houses Tamedia publishers in Zurich is constructed entirely of timber and glass. No metal at all was used in the structure, whereby the dimensional accuracy of the load-bearing wooden elements and their connection to the glass elements is impressive. The implementation and execution of the project demanded an exceptionally highly qualified team with technical know-how and a readiness to assume risk. In close cooperation with the company Aepli Metallbau AG from Zurich, LOSCH implemented a glass facade with a total of 11 mobile elements which open vertically and have a surface area of approx. 150 m².

Open lounges with a view of the river Sihl emerge from closed rooms. Though this project, in which sustainability and energy efficiency were top priorities, new technical developments and application fields were established for the LOSCHWAND®. The facade is waterproof and is certified as wind-driven rainproof class 7A according to EN 12208. The facade is suitable for withstanding high wind loads according to EN 12210 and achieves class B2; the air permeability according to EN 12207 is certified as class 4.

Customized products - References

Private building

Roof-deck with pool

LOSCH develop and implement the appropriate building solution for every customer demand. In this project, the client did not want to relinquish their view of the roof-deck with pool. In order to relax undisturbed in the pool, the client needed additional protection from view. With the customized product from LOSCH, the client can now raise the extended protection from view fully automatically within 30 seconds to enjoy their privacy.

Stazione Marittima, Italy

Harbour building for cruise ships

LOSCH gladly accept challenges and use these for further development and creative processes. The LOSCHWAND® can be installed in every area and each building. In this example from Italy, a customized product was developed for the Stazione Marittima in Genoa, which is perfectly adapted to the escalator access points thus opening and closing access to the cruise ships.

Banks / Financial institutions

Transparency and security

LOSCH combines innovation with design. Transparent and secure facades change the room situation in the open position and facilitate the creation of inviting entrances to banks and financial institutions. In this customized solution, the aesthetic stacking technology of the glass elements remains visible beneath the ceiling.

Operating theatre

Hygiene, proximity and distance

LOSCH have manufactured a special wall for operating theatres which adapts effectively to the special hygiene and sterile condition requirements in hospitals. The glass partition wall is sterile and can be easily disinfected. Thanks to the unique technology of LOSCHWAND®, no floor rails are required thus eliminating tripping hazards. The LOSCHWAND® creates a bright, monitor-friendly situation without mirroring light irradiation which could be disruptive. Reliability and quality have been certified by the German Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV).

Private project

Spa for indoors and outdoors

This house is located in Birmingham (England). It has a swimming pool which stretches from indoors to the outdoor area. The client wanted the possibility to transparently partition and/or connect these two areas. A customized product from LOSCH offered the functionally ideal solution. The glass wall was installed as a mobile facade flush with the house wall thus rounding off both areas.

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