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LOSCH Wandsysteme - Prospekt (Englisch)

34 PRIVATE BUILDING ROOF-DECK WITH POOL LOSCH develop and implement the appropriate building solution for every customer demand. In this project, the client did not want to relinquish their view of the roof-deck with pool. In order to relax undisturbed in the pool, the client needed additional protection from view. With the customized product from LOSCH, the client can now raise the extended protection from view fully automatically within 30 seconds to enjoy their privacy. STAZIONE MARITTIMA, ITALY HARBOUR BUILDING FOR CRUISE SHIPS LOSCH gladly accept challenges and use these for further development and creative processes. The LOSCHWAND® can be installed in every area and each building. In this example from Italy, a customized product was developed for the Stazione Marittima in Genoa, which is perfectly adapted to the escalator access points thus opening and closing access to the cruise ships. BANKS / FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS TRANSPARENCY AND SECURITY LOSCH combines innovation with design. Transparent and secure facades change the room situation in the open position and facilitate the creation of inviting entrances to banks and financial institutions. In this customized solution, the aesthetic stacking technology of the glass elements remains visible beneath the ceiling. CUSTOMIZEDPRODUCTS

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