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LOSCH Wandsysteme - Prospekt (Englisch)

35 OPERATING THEATRE HYGIENE, PROXIMITY AND DISTANCE LOSCH have manufactured a special wall for operating theatres which adapts effectively to the special hygiene and sterile condition requirements in hospitals. The glass partition wall is sterile and can be easily disinfected. Thanks to the unique technology of LOSCHWAND® , no floor rails are required thus eliminating tripping hazards. The LOSCHWAND® creates a bright, monitor-friendly situation without mirroring light irradiation which could be disruptive. Reliability and quality have been certified by the German Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV). PRIVATE PROJECT SPA FOR INDOORS AND OUTDOORS This house is located in Birmingham (England). It has a swimming pool which stretches from indoors to the outdoor area. The client wanted the possibility to transparently partition and/or connect these two areas. A customized product from LOSCH offered the functionally ideal solution. The glass wall was installed as a mobile facade flush with the house wall thus rounding off both areas. CUSTOMIZEDPRODUCTS

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